Dichotomous Dubbel

Belgian Dubbel - 6.8% ABV

Crafted by Trappist monks in the Middle Ages, the dual nature of this Belgian style beer is the perfect platform for Kettle Green Brewing and Rumble Coffee Roasters to join forces.

Kettle Green created a copper coloured ale with a complex malt, ester and phenol interplay, resulting in a caramel sweetness and a satisfyingly dry finish. So Rumble brought a sweet Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to the table.
The classic malt smoothness of the Dubbel are a great match for the fruit, toffee and chocolate notes of this vibrant Ethiopian.

By marrying a malt-driven and fruity alcoholic beverage with a chocolatey caffeinated brew, our powers combined have crafted a delicious cake of a beer. 

Limited release, available in bottles and on tap.