Kettle Green are offering another path for venues to pursue a house beer that is truly theirs.

The current industry standard is to re-label a core beer from a brewery for a range of different venues. We, however, invite collaboration and a personalised approach. With your input we design a beer to match your image, food and customers. Management and staff are invited to join us on the day of the brew to mill malt, add hops and be a part of the process which in turn builds a connection to your final product and to increased sales and product knowledge.

You get super fresh beer made with the highest quality ingredients by one of Australia’s best young brewers who can handle any idea you throw at her.

A minimum contract beer batch with Kettle Green is 2,000L (about 40 kegs).

What's included?

Ingredients, labour, cartons, glass, crowns and keg rental are all included in pricing - we store your beer cold using Peter Sadler’s warehousing and have it delivered in stages as you require.

The style of the beer influences the cost (IPA’s $$$ due to price of hops, while lagers are much cheaper) and ABV is a huge factor in pricing due to taxation.

For pricing please use the Contact Us link.